Budget Main Squeeze Lemon Wreath Bridal Shower

About This Design

She’s found her main squeeze! A modern citrus-themed bridal shower invitation featuring "main squeeze" in brush calligraphy framed by a fruit and flower watercolor wreath. The reverse features hand-painted watercolor stripes in yellow. As part of the budget selection here on Zazzle, these invitations do not come with envelopes nor do they fit snugly in a standard-sized envelope. The closest size is A6 but there will be a gap of approximately half an inch. If you don’t mind the lack of snugness you could use such widely available A6 envelopes. Otherwise, this design can be transferred to a standard 5×7 format (which comes with envelopes) using the design transfer tool. As a rough guide, as of the time of writing, budget invitations (including a volume discount) would cost around $ whereas standard 5×7 invites including envelopes would cost approximately $. Your mileage may vary depending on Zazzle’s available promo codes, site-wide sales, or changes in pricing.


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